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  • Quake Champions Free Forever If You Download And Play Now


    Bethesda has revealed that if you download Quake Champions now then you can keep the game after the free trial has ended.

    The title is currently in a free-to-play period on Steam, which coincided with E3, and it has now been extended to 25 June rather than ending this week.

    In an update to their Steam page, they said: "Quakefam, your response to the game during E3 week has been amazing.Tons of new players have stepped foot into the arena for the first time to take their place amongst Champions, and we couldn't be more thrilled that you're having fun with the game.

    "Because of this, we want to give even more players a chance to join the battle, so we're extending free-to-play access until Monday, June 25!

    "Play Quake Champions for free during this week, and after the event you can continue playing!"

    Credit: Bethesda

    Credit: Bethesda

    This means you literally only have to sign in for one match before the time runs out and the game is basically yours forever.

    This promotion won't grant you access to all the titular Champions, though, but you can purchase the Champions Pack at a discounted price of £13.19 if you want more content (this will rise back to £20 once this period has ended).

    The first-person class-based shooter doesn't yet have a release date and at the moment is only being developed for the PC. A console release might be in the works but nothing has been confirmed. Make sure you act fast if you think you'll want this game in the future.

    Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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