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    Wer hat Lust und Laune??? Bitte anmelden!!

    Ich würde mich über ein 3on3 freuen, 5on5 wäre super;):thumbup:

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    Hello everybody,

    this part I wrote only in english. The first language is german but we will translate as much content we can. My first hope or goal is a nearly full english translated website for all european and international people.

    This post is written one week before the launch. It is written before the launch talk in teamspeak. This post contains informations we talk about on first of may, the release teamspeak talk.


    My name is David and I'm 37 years old. I came from germany and I'm working as an software supporter. I played America's Army in the first version to version 2.8. Two clans and a very good time were "sYs sYstem Overload" and "HFD High FiDelity". The TWL was the whole time the place for competion. I remeber the greate community on Goarmy.eu and the Gametracker for soldier informations. After the release of version 3 I played other games. Last year I decided to try America's Army: Proving Grounds. It was a good feeling and I got quickly contact to other people.


    The idea was born december 2017 after a private german AA tournament. First I discuss with my team mates and other german people. There was no competion in America's Army and only private tournaments or scrims were not enough. The name AAGL was found and so the project began.


    The desicion to launch the website in a beta version wasn't easy. Not all functions are ready to use and there are some problems to solve. How will the community react? But on the other hand after the release, the AAGL can grow up with the people. Reactions and discussions about the next steps are very welcome. We can see how many teams and players will be talk part.


    We want to create a community and league website for the AA people and clans. The goal is to bring back competions, special tournaments and other esport events. I hope AAGL will be the first place where european and international AA teams come together, have contact to each others and to find out there strengh in competions.


    At the start three ladders in the first season open on 15th of june. What is a season? A season contains a ladder periode of 4 month and a playoff periode. In the ladder periode teams can fight against other teams. They can challange better places, climbe up the ladder and find out how strong is the team. After these month there will be a season ladder winner and the playoffs starts in the final season tournament. There will be titles for players and a hall of fame. The first three places of a ladder and the playoff winner get a title. In the future we hope these places get also a price.

    Other facts: The season numbers are ongoing. Teams can only challange better located teams. There is a fix minimum of places. The maximum can variate. Wins, loses and other team facts influence it. How many teams are playing in the playoffs depents on the number of teams in the ladder periode. We will see if there are more then one open season in the future. An idea of a premium league is also in concept.


    At the moment the development of the website is going on. Many functions are ready but have to be implementated. Step by step.

    We are searching for other people to join the AAGL team. Big points are translation, finalisation of the ladder rules, league administrators, manage the forum and discuss ideas to bring it to a sulution.

    Let's go on! :)

    nevex.AAGL // David


    "Everyone said: It can't work. Then someone who didn't know that, just did it."

    "Sahen die etwa aus wie Irre? Irre explodieren nicht, wenn das Sonnenlicht sie trifft! Ganz egal wie irre sie sind!"

  • bei dem spiel ist die luft halt raus wie nevex schon schon sagte ( zu viele cheater oder leute die INI tunen, oder PB aushebeln... AA ist nicht esport fähig )und statt army was macht kommen neue skins maps waffen (rpg) und fixen kaum was bringen eher noch bugs rein

  • wie steht's bei Euch mit der Lust AAPG weiter zu zocken? 4

    Das Ergebnis ist nur für Teilnehmer sichtbar.

    Dann sollten wir wohl mal die "Vertrauensfrage" stellen, ob AAPG bei uns noch eine Zukunft hat.